Croatian Regional Development Journal

Rethinking development through new ideas and technology

About the Journal

„Croatian Regional Development Journal” (CRDJ) is a multidisciplinary scientific journal. The journal aims at encouraging regional development through multidisciplinary and innovative research approach in the area of sustainable development, ecology, construction, mechanical engineering, computer science,  information and communication sciences and economics. „CRDJ” has a special focus on theoretical and empirical research of new technology as a foundation of regional development. In addition to multidisciplinary research, „CRDJ” publishes papers in the fields of technical, natural, social and human sciences. The journal publishes for decision makers in private and public sector, scientists and experts.
The journal combines advances and knowledge of different fields aiming to promote social and economic development. Special attention is paid to social, ecological, ethical and managerial aspects of regional development research. In this respect, the CRDJ journal fosters the exchange of ideas, experience and knowledge between regions, in particular in transition countries.
Papers submitted for publication should be original theoretical and practical papers.
The journal also publishes case studies showing innovative solutions in practice and critical reviews of theory. Papers in both Croatian and English languages are published.
The journal is published twice a year.



Polytechnic of Međimurje in Čakovec
Bana Josipa Jelačića 22A
40000 Čakovec

ISSN: 2718-4978

Year of first publication: 2020.

CRDJ Impresum: Impressum (PDF)