Croatian Regional Development Journal

Rethinking development through new ideas and technology

Submission to the journal

Authors should submit their papers online via the Journal’s online submission system

Article submission to the journal and its publishing is free of charge.

If you have any questions about the online submission process, contact the Editorial Office by e-mail

Publishing ethics

We promote integrity in research publication so we support and advocate usage of COPE comprehensive guidelines and advice for our editors, and authors.

Reviewer process

Each manuscript goes through an initial check by the editor to establish if it is scientifically sound.

If the paper meets the initial requirements it is sent to at least two independent reviewers for blind peer review.

After the consultation with the relevant members of the Editorial Board, taking into account reviewer’s recommendations, the editor decides whether the paper will be accepted as is, revised or rejected.

Manuscript requirements

The manuscript should be written according to the instruction of the CDRJ paper template

Maximum length of the paper is 6.000 words.


Abstract should be no longer than 200 words. Background of the research as well as contribution to regional development should be explained in few sentences. Also, objectives, methods, results and conclusions should be briefly presented.


Introduction should provide a context of the paper and the nature of the problem should be described. In introduction the author should summarize previous research and cite most current and relevant literature. Also, gaps in knowledge should be indicated and research questions presented. The introduction should introduce present research, its purpose and goals. Within the introduction, the hypotheses are stated.


The methodology used in the empirical part of the paper should be appropriate. The authors should use appropriate methods of sampling. Also, instruments, statistical procedures and analysis should be valid and sufficient to examine the data.


Full details of the analyses and results must be provided. Results should be presented clearly.


Authors should provide brief discussion. The research question should be answered. Also, limitations of the study should be noted.


Conclusion should be based on answering research questions and/or should include results of hypothesis investigation. Limitations of the study should be noted and further research directions should be proposed.


At the end of the paper a reference list in alphabetical order should be supplied. Use APA style for reference. References should not be numbered or bulleted.


Surname, Initials (year). Title of Book (italic) (edition). Publisher.

Book chapters

Surname, Initials (year). Chapter title. In Editor’s Surname, Initials (Ed.), Title of Book (italic) (Chapter pages). Publisher.

For journals

Surname, Initials (year). Title of article. Journal Name (italic), volume and number, pages.
If the original version of a non-english article is cited in References, please give the original title and put the English translation in bracket

For published conference proceedings

Surname, Initials (year of publication). Title of paper. In Surname, Initials (Ed.),Title of published proceeding which may include place and date(s) held (italic) (Page numbers). Publisher.

For unpublished conference proceedings

Surname, Initials (year, date). Title of paper (italic) [Conference presentation]. Name of Conference, place of conference. URL if freely available on the internet

For working papers

Surname, Initials (year). Title of article (italic) [working paper, version]. Institution or organization.

For encyclopedia entries (with no author or editor)

Publisher. (year). Title of entry. In Title of Encyclopedia (italic) (edition, pages).
(For authored entries please refer to book chapter guidelines above)

For newspaper articles (authored)

Surname, Initials (year, date). Article title. Newspaper (italic), pages.

For newspaper articles (non-authored)

Newspaper (italic) (year, date). Article title, pages.

For electronic sources

Surname, Initials (year, date). Title of article (italic). Title of website.